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Treat ADHD with a…Video Game??

Updated: Apr 30

I first encountered the video game Project Evo when I was in clinical research at the University of Washington.  We were testing it as a way of alleviating depression in older adults, as depression in older adults is often connected to age-related executive function challenges. Prior studies had indicated that improving executive function deficits helped alleviate depression as well as therapy.  

At the same time, the makers of Project Evo were conducting clinical trials to see if the video game would be useful in improving EF deficits in individuals with ADHD.  As of June 15th, Project Evo, now called EndeavorRX, has been FDA approved as a treatment for ADHD:

While it has officially been approved for individuals ages 8-12, the related research on older adults leads me to believe that it may be useful for individuals across the lifespan. (Note: I have no affiliation or financial connection in any way to Project Evo, its developers, etc.)

If you are interested in being notified when it is available for prescription, you can register with the company here:

Video game screenshot

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