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Stacy Shaw

Group Facilitator

Photo of Stacy Shaw

Stacy is an unwavering advocate for the rights of people with disabilities, firmly believing that access - whether physical, systematic, or informational - is the key to empowering individuals with disabilities to take their rightful place in the world. 


Stacy studied psychology and sociology at California State University, Sacramento. Her professional journey reflects her commitment to making a difference. She has championed this cause by supporting students with disabilities in the classroom, contributing to Sacramento Public Library’s inclusion initiatives for individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities, and actively participating in various advocacy groups. Notably, she served as the former president of the Sacramento Chapter of the Autistic Self Advocacy Network. 


At Facilitate Joy!, Stacy focuses on supporting clients in locating and navigating resources such as housing, social services, regional centers, Vocational Rehabilitation, and Social Security. She also assists clients in navigating challenges associated with medical professionals, insurance, Medicare/Medicaid, and the legal system. Stacy places a strong emphasis on supporting clients in developing robust self-advocacy skills.


In addition to her individual support work, Stacy runs a weekly support group for neurodivergent adults aged 50+, fostering both community and self-advocacy.


Based in California, Stacy finds joy in the companionship of her two dogs, Sage and Josie. 


Reach out today to schedule your no-cost consultation with Stacy and take the first step toward empowerment and resourceful living!

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