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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you work with me if I don't live where your office is located?

Yes! We can see clients in person in our Reno, NV office or we can meet with you online no matter where you're located.

Can you bill insurance or accept payments from the Regional Center? What if I can't afford services?

Unfortunately, insurance does not cover coaching services and hence cannot bill insurance or provide a super bill.

We are authorized vendors of the Sierra Regional Center (Nevada). You can use respite funding to cover our services.

We offer sliding scale options for group services.  In cases where an individual is facing serious financial need and cannot afford services, we have worked together to find a viable solution.  For example, some individuals have provided no-cost tutoring or otherwise volunteered to provide support to our community in lieu of payment.

While our organization faces the same financial realities as we all do individually, if you are committed to moving forward in your life and cannot afford services, we will do our best to find a way to support you. Please schedule a consultation and discuss your concerns with your consultant.

What do you cover in group?

We're happy to provide you with an overview of our current curriculum to give you a better sense of what we cover in group.  We prioritize group members' needs, so may adjust the curriculum if doing so is in the best interest of the group.

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