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Liezl Santos

Accounting & Community Relations

Photo of Liezl Santos

Liezl is a proud child of Filipino immigrants. Growing up, Liezl was surrounded by a large number of extended family who valued food, gathering together, and community. Early on Liezl learned that planning, preparing  and helping their family whenever there was a need brought them a sense of joy and fulfillment. Their upbringing honed their natural talent to work with different personalities and different needs, all the while enjoying the process of logistics and problem solving.

As an adult, Liezl has traveled whenever and wherever possible. For them, travel is a chance to immerse themselves in the culture, the community, and the conversations.

Professionally, it's no surprise that Liezl gravitated towards this same combination of building relationships while simultaneously managing logistics. They bring decades of professional experience in customer service, community relations, and inventory management to their role at Facilitate Joy!  Liezl handles the practicalities of purchasing and billing, while also building relationships within the community and handling logistics for our social and community events. 

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