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Parent Coaching

Supportive, Nonjudgmental, Practical Guidance for Parents of Neurodivergent Pre-Teens, Teens and Adults



As parents, we care about our children's well being on a level that is hard to ever fully explain with words.  Even when they are no longer children, we still feel deeply responsible for their well-being.  It's incredibly stressful to witness our young people struggling, isolated, or making choices that we fear are not going to help them in the long run.  

At times, we might feel very empathetic and supportive towards our kids.  At other times, we might find ourselves frustrated or angry.  We may hesitate to share our struggles with other parents or providers for fear that we or our children will be judged and criticized.  We worry that if we are honest about how hard things feel at times, that's all people will see about us or our children in the future.

One area we focus on is the transition to adulthood.  This is a time when many autistic and ADHD young people get particularly stuck, and when parents often find themselves most overwhelmed and unsure about next steps. Working with a coach to understand different options, common trajectories and timelines, and to create a transition plan can help us move out of panic and back to a place of enjoying being a parent.

Support can be provided occasionally as-needed or on a regular basis. 


Location: Individual parent coaching sessions are available online anywhere, or in person in Reno, NV. Our parenting group meets in-person in Reno, NV. 

Individual Coaching Session: $175 for a 60-minute session with a Senior Consultant (United States dollars)

Parenting Group: $75 per session for one parent, $100 per session for two parents. We also offer a sliding scale rate of $50 for up to two parents/caregivers (available to households making $70k or less). Group meets every other week for 90 minutes for a total of ten sessions.

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