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Miranda Weinert, B.S.

Consultant & Group Co-Facilitator

Photo of Miranda Weinert

Miranda became fascinated with the brain while tutoring children with dyslexia. She followed this passion and earned a degree in Neuroscience from the University of Nevada, Reno in 2021.

During her undergraduate studies, Miranda faced academic struggles despite her fascination with the material. Building and maintaining a study plan almost never came to fruition, reading and comprehending dense scientific papers took far longer for her than her peers, focusing during exams was nearly impossible, and overall, she felt endlessly behind, unprepared, and overwhelmed.

With time, Miranda began to understand these challenges through the lenses of ADHD and dyslexia. Her personal struggle and frustration, along with the process of finding support, diagnosis, and overall understanding, fuels Miranda’s passion to work with others to understand their own neurodivergence. 

Miranda worked as an educator, supervisor, and lead camp instructor at Terry Lee Wells Nevada Discovery Museum for four years, bringing science to life for a diverse population of visitors. She volunteers as a mentor for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northern Nevada and has been matched with her “little” for over 5 years. 

In her free time, Miranda enjoys almost any outdoor adventure. She has a lifelong learning mindset and explores a variety of topics from community sustainability to holistic health care to finance management. She enjoys creative outlets such as cooking, photography, and upcycling projects. 

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