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Raina Stetson, B.S.

Junior Consultant & Group Facilitator

Raina Stetson headshot.jpeg

Raina Stetson (she/her) is a native Nevadan who graduated from the University of Nevada, Reno in 2014 with her Bachelors of Science in Integrated Elementary Education. She has taught children of all ages, and is currently a 5th grade teacher with Washoe County School District.


As the parent of a child diagnosed with Autism, Raina has an understanding of what families work through when a loved one receives a diagnosis. She is dedicated to using empathy as her guiding light while supporting neurodivergent community members. She has lived experience as someone who was late-diagnosed with ADHD, and has found freedom in her diagnosis. She enjoys helping others find strategies that work to improve their executive function.


Raina has been a foster parent since 2016, and has a passion for teaching others about trauma-informed care. She works with Washoe County to train prospective foster parents on the effects trauma has on the developing brain, and mentors biological and foster families as they navigate the child welfare system. 


Raina spends her free-time crocheting, snuggling her Standard Poodles, and connecting with her four children.

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