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The Sue Milos Joy Program

Photo of Sue Milos and her husband. There is a ferris wheel in the background covered in lights. Photo was taken at nighttime.

The Sue Milos Joy Program (formerly the Holiday Joy Program) has been renamed in memory of Sue Milos, one of the original donors to the program.  Sue passed suddenly from an aggressive cancer in 2022.  Sue was a dedicated wife, mother, and grandmother who also taught autistic children. 

The Sue Milos Joy Program helps teens and adults with disabilities achieve their goals. We identify individuals in need and coordinate with community members to help meet these needs. 

Our main purpose is meeting needs that support people's ability to independently engage with the world, pursue their dreams, and ultimately give back to the community.


Sometimes people need help with groceries, gas, or utility bills. We all need our basic needs met in order to have the mental and physical energy to focus on bigger picture goals and dreams.  Other times, the needs are related to furthering education, making the world more accessible through assistive technology, or helping people access therapeutic or other services. 

Some of the Needs Met Last Year:


  • income for two months for an autistic adult suffering from burnout; being able to take time off allowed them to recover, obtain a job that was a better fit, maintain their academic scholarship, and complete the school year successfully. 

  • an iPad and adaptive keyboard for an autistic adult with visual impairments

  • a backup camera for an autistic teen learning to drive


Please fill out the contact form below to request a recipient list,

then you choose who and how you would like to help!

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