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Jess Judkins, M.A.

Group Facilitator

Photo of Jess Judkins

Jess Judkins (they/them) holds a MA in Counseling Psychology from John F. Kennedy University. 

Jess began supporting autistic individuals in 2007 after completing their BA in psychology. Jess's experience includes working at Easter Seals as a supervisor and  providing psychoeducation to parents. Later, Jess held a case management position for the state of California San Andreas Regional Center.

Jess is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, currently working in private practice, and primarily works with clients who face multiple layers of oppression. Over the years in private practice, their work has focused on helping adults process how race, gender, and trauma impact their mental health. Jess’s interests also include how developmental trauma specifically affects neurodivergent adults. 

In Jan of 2023, Jess will begin a 3-year Somatic Experiencing Training program and is excited to bring a body-oriented psychotherapy model to their clients to help heal and promote post-traumatic growth in the clients they serve. 

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