Cady Stanton, M.S.

I have worked with youth and adults diagnosed with autism and ADHD for over 15 years.

  • As a Group Facilitator for Open Doors Therapy, I supported autistic teens and adults in navigating social, relationship, and employment challenges. 

  • At the MIND Institute at U.C. Davis, a collaborative international research center focused on neurodevelopmental disorders, I conducted assessments for autism and ADHD.

I have been a guest speaker and trainer on executive function and neurodivergence.  You can watch or listen to some of my recent presentations and interviews at the links below:

You can hear some of Faciliate Joy!'s older adult group members talk about their experience being diagnosed later in life, as well as how being in group has helped them. Please note, the reporter mistakenly referred to Facilitate Joy! as a counseling program. We offer coaching, not counseling.

I have maintained a strong social justice focus throughout my career.  Twenty percent of my services are provided at no charge to families who could not otherwise access care. I have focused on increasing access to culturally competent care for neurodivergent individuals, including coordinating the translation of important autism related documents into Tagalog

Previously, I served as a case manager for homeless refugee & immigrant families, supported Hurricane Katrina survivors, prepared the legislative report for the Washington Low Income Housing Alliance for five years, and provided academic and career mentoring to at-risk youth.

Many of my family members are autistic or have ADHD. I identify as neurodivergent, appreciating the value of neurological differences while acknowledging the challenges we face.